How to Become a Dog Guard Dealer?

You may be wondering what it takes to become a dealer, or maybe you’re on the fence about it. We’re here to help.

Onboarding Process


Becoming a Dog Guard Dealer normally takes approximately 3 - 4 months working with our team to make sure your new business is set up for success.

Talk with the Dog Guard Home Office

Once you express interest in becoming a Dog Guard Dealership owner, our team will contact you to go over the process in more detail. During this initial meeting, you’ll learn the ins and outs of being a dealer and if it is a good business fit for you.

Select a Location for Your New Dealership

Where do you want your business to be located? Dog Guard has locations available across the U.S., and our team will work with you to identify an available territory to best suit your business and your location.

Letter of Intent, Background Check, and Contract

Once you are ready to move forward with the onboarding process, our team will walk you through your letter of intent, background check, and dealer contract, as well as answer any questions that you might have along the way.

Complete Training & Purchase Necessary Equipment

We want our dealers to be successful and satisfied with their new Dog Guard business. Before you open, you will receive all the tools and training you need to turn your dream of becoming a successful business owner, with a rewarding career, into a reality.

You're All Set!

Support from the Home Office

  • Dealer Portal

    Dog Guard’s dealer portal provides access to branded marketing materials, a photo library, marketing videos, product information, and more. Dealers can access the portal any time with their log in. If there are materials needed that are not in the portal, the Home Office can help.

  • Custom Built CRM

    All dealers have access to a custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help organize and manage their leads, customers, and warranty submissions. Dealers have the option to use Dog Guard’s CRM or any CRM of their choice.

  • Branded Marketing Materials

    Dog Guard Dealers have access to customer manuals, product information sheets, and other marketing materials to assist in selling and informing customers. These are developed by the Dog Guard Home Office and provided to dealers to support their business. You can view the customer manual here.

  • Connection to Partners

    Dog Guard has partnered with professional marketing, equipment, and financial agencies to offer quality services to all of our dealers. While working with these partners is not required, it is a great way to find a vetted and knowledgeable partner when needed.

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  • Private Facebook Group

    Our dealers have a private online Facebook community where they can network with other dealers to share best practices, ask questions, and support and encourage each other. This is a great way for new dealers to connect with and learn from established dealers on growing their business and other business related topics.

  • Annual Conferences

    Every year, dealers across the U.S. gather together for the Dog Guard Annual Dealer Conference. This conference is a chance for dealers to meet in person, talk to members from the Dog Guard Home Office, and learn about opportunities to help them grow their business.

  • Product Warranties

    Dog Guard products are designed and assembled in the U.S. and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the Dog Guard Home Office. Dealers have access to the technical team to troubleshoot any problems and repair warranty items.

  • Access to Dog Guard’s Team

    Dog Guard is a closely knit team. We recognize that when Dog Guard Dealers succeed, Dog Guard succeeds. That’s why members of the Dog Guard Home Office team are easily accessible and always happy to help. We welcome and encourage our dealers to share their thoughts and ideas for improving and supporting their business in the long-term. Our goal is to work with all dealers on an ongoing basis, so they are satisfied, successful, and have all the tools needed to thrive.

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