Hear From Some of Our Dealers

Learn from our Dog Guard Dealers on what running a Dog Guard business means to them, and what they love most.

Jock Brakebill, Owner - Dog Guard of North Carolina

Jock b

Dealer Since 1996

"It is easy to say why we have continued to be Dog Guard dealers for over 20 years – a career that allows us to be our own boss, the flexibility to run our lives as we deem best, and working with a company that makes this all possible."

Cindy Snedegar, Owner - Dog Guard of Central Ohio

Cindy Snedegar

Dealer Since 2018

"I made my investment back the first year which is unheard of. Our Dog Guard business has almost doubled every year. This year (our 3rd year) I did over 100 fences in 6 months! We just bought a second van!"

Aaron Robinson, Owner - Dog Guard of Louisiana

Aaron robinson

Dealer Since 2007

"I started to do my research and found Dog Guard and called. I spent many hours talking with them. I am totally convinced that I am selling the best product on the market with a company that stands behind the product."

Scott & Angie Westcott, Owner - Dog Guard Midwest


#1 Dog Guard Dealer

"It’s the best decision that we’ve ever made. I only wish we started 10 years sooner."

Gary Agate, Owner - Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh

Gary agate

Dealer Since 2016

"As I reflect on March 2021 I can't help but think that what I have been saying all along that this business is the greatest GIG out there!!! I am very thankful for the corporate team that goes the extra distance to get me the products that I order out the door the next day and for Dean who is always looking for a way to make our dealerships a place where someone can come in and make a good living!"

Mike Christie, Owner - Dog Guard of Michigan

Mike christie dog guard michigan

Dealer Since 1999

"I like working with Dogs. Dog Guard is a great company to be a part of, you get to work with dogs on a daily basis. Doing what you love, you don't work a day in your life!"